Barstylez World Flair Cocktail Championship 2017
“The Big Match” Where Asia Meets The Rest Of The World


Live in Singapore!!!
VENUE: Hard Rock Cafe
Date: 31 July (Monday)


With over more than 18 countries and 35 World Best Flair Bartenders Competing in the World Qualifying Rounds.
ONLY the top 10 will Qualify to the Grand Finals.




Kicking off – (World Qualifying Round)
10.00am – 17.00pm


**1730pm** Finalist (Top 10 – The Mystery Box Cocktail Challenge)


**2000pm** – (World Finals)


Free Entry!
Service Industry Gathering & Drinks Promotion!!!


Organised by Barstylez
Supported by Asia Bartenders Association/Singapore


Official Venue: Hard Rock Cafe Singapore


Our Official Sponsors: Whitail, Jack Daniels, Giffard Liquer, Monin, Finest Call Premium Cocktail Mixes, CocoReal, Alfresh

Bartending Competitions

Competitions bring the thrill of competing in the bartending community. It is also a sense of reunion for bartenders, an opportunity to share views and encourage one another of concoctions, performances and to network as well. Beverage companies are usually in the scene as well, who have a direct benefit from organizing and creating local competitions. Usually organized in bars, clubs or other venues, these events are usually sponsored by companies of the bar industry business, which is a great and original form of marketing and revenue sales for outlets from where a competition has been organised or supported from.

If you are up to organize a competition, whether you are a bartender, a beverage company or a bar / club / restaurant owner, you might need some help to bring bartenders to your competition, to find support in the liquor industry or to find a perfect venue. Here at Barstylez, we organize professional bartending competitions to get your company’s name out there in the bartending community. Along the way, we have helped different clientele such as corporate, beverage, hotel, bar, club and restaurant owners find bartenders and choose perfect venues. We take care of the confusing stuff that comes with setting up an even, even up to the rules & regulations found in each competition. That is why we have created successful campaigns and events that have been recognized both locally and internationally.

Brands or clients who wish to organize these events are free to contact us with the form below or on the contact us page — we will support you and your company all the way!