About Us

Barstylez was incorporated in Singapore early 2007 & has been described as “a blend of some of the creative minds in the “Hospitality Industry”. We travel locally & globally to consult bars/clubs on bar designs & layouts, educating management & staffs in service excellence, conduct workshops & organizing of events.

Barstylez operates on a few core structure that all supports one another harmoniously. We’d like to think of our business as a blend of services supporting the needs of the ever evolving hospitality & events industries.

Barstylez Bar & Beverage Consultancy
‘To provide our clients with an impeccable standard of service by delivering comprehensive consultancy, bar designs & layouts, training & development packages for the hospitality industry.’

Barstylez Mobile Bar Solutions 
‘To provide our existing and future clients with complete event Bar Solutions that are unsurpassed in the hospitality industry.’

Having our Barstylez Mixologists/Flair Bartenders at your event can often be a very easy draw for press coverage to generate advertising that you just can’t buy. If you wish Barstylez to arrange to help promote your product or event and make it memorable.

Barstylez Mobile Bar Solutions are everything from intimated themed parties for a few to large events for a few thousands, Our Mixologists/Flair Bartenders will make your event/party run smoothly, and ensure your guests are served safety. We provide you with Mobile Bar Counter, Beverages, Cocktails or Mocktails Ingredients, Glasswares, Create signature Cocktails/Mocktails, & every item you need to serve the drinks you want.

Want an entertaining, high energy, Mixologists/Flair Bartenders to entertain your guests as they serve them their drinks? We will work with you to custom design a powerful promotion for your event or party.
Your Mixologists/Flair Bartenders will arrived in a cool grooming/Themes (according to your event) & early will put your party over the Top.

“Your goal is to enjoy your experience with us and be the guest at your own event/party & leave the work to us! Get in touch with Barstylez today!

We are located in Singapore but will travel anywhere in the world for your event.